Attack Ultra Power

Superb cleaning power and whitens white!

Penetrates deeply into fabric fibres, even on areas like collars and cuffs, to get rid of sebum stains.
Advanced Anti-bacterial formula removes and inhibits bacteria growth from wash to wear. Not only can it removes unpleasant musty odour, usually from indoor drying, it also eliminates the occurrence of sweat odour when you perspire*.
Advanced Japan R&D formula ensures thorough cleaning from all dimensions, effectively eliminates dirt and stains for complete clean wash.
Suitable for indoor drying.

Available in 4kg bottle and 1.6kg refill pack.

*Individual results may vary

Please read the care label on clothes and follow instructions thoroughly before washing.

Apply detergent directly on stubborn stains before washing.

Suitable for all washable fabrics (cottons, linens, artificial silks and synthetic fibres).

Type of Washing Water Amount(Litres) Pieces of Clothes Recommended Dosage
Topload Washing Machine
1/2 cap
1 cap
1+1/2 cap
Front Load washing Machine - 16-20 1/2 cap
Hand Wash 8L 5-10 1/2 cap


  • Keep out of reach from children
  • Do not drink. If swallowed, take plenty of water and consult physician
  • Avoid contact with eyes.┬áIf gets into eyes, flush with water and consult physician
  • Wear rubber gloves when hand washing
  • If the detergent is spilled on the washing machine, wipe off with damp/wet cloth


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