Attack Colour

Cleans from every angle with just 1 spoonful!

Attack Colour is a concentrated powder detergent that washes more clothes and produces a superior cleanliness. The intelligent system seeks out and eliminates all stains, dirt and bacteria from every angle.

Penetrates deeply into fabric fibres, even on areas like collars and cuffs.
Advanced Anti-bacterial formula removes and inhibits bacteria growth from wash to wear. Not only can it removes unpleasant musty odour, usually from indoor drying, it also eliminates the occurrence of sweat odour when you perspire*.
The colour bright technology removes ingrained dirt that causes dullness on coloured clothes without damaging the fabrics
Suitable for indoor drying.

Available in 800g, 1.6kg and 3kg packs.

*Individual results may vary

Step 1: The colour bright technology removes dirt from dull areas, which is caused by repeated washing.
Step 2: It acts only on stains to dissolve them.
Step 3: When the dirt comes off, the colours are restored.

For best results, follow recommended dosage to avoid wastage. For very dirty clothes, soak clothes for 30 mins before washing.

Machine Wash:

Amount of Water Amount of Clothes Recommended Dosage
Top Loader 30L 10 - 15 pcs 1 Spoon
50L 16 - 20 pcs 1 1/2 Spoon
70L 21 - 25 pcs 2 Spoon

Hand Wash:

Water Amount Amount of Clothes Recommended Dosage
4L 5 - 10 pcs 1/2 Spoon
8L 10 - 15 pcs 1 Spoon


  • Keep out of reach from children
  • After use, rinse and dry hands thoroughly
  • If skin is sensitive or damaged, avoid contact with the powder or wash solution
  • If in doubt, wear protective gloves

First Aid:

  • In case of contact with eyes; rinse immediately with water for at least 15 minutes
  • If swallowed, rinse mouth with water and then drink a glass of water slowly. Seek medical advise if irritation persists



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