Laundry Basics

Types of Fabric

Learn the various characteristics of different types of fibres here.

Laundry Symbols Main

Discover what those symbols that appear on your laundry’s care labels actually mean.


Learn how to make your laundry white and fresh as new with bleach.


Discover the simple secret to soft, fluffy laundry that feels good on your skin.

Washing, Drying and Finishing


Outlines the steps to take before washing your clothes to ensure a smooth laundry process.


Provides information on how to use your washing machine, plus general washing tips from how much detergent to use to how long you should wash your clothes for.


Covers drying tips which include how to dry indoors without odour and how to prevent your clothes from shrinking.


Offers general ironing tips.

Stain Solutions

Click on the stain below to find
solutions to combat them