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Keeps school uniforms clean!

“When my kids started schooling, getting their soiled uniforms clean was very troublesome. Since using Kao Colour Bleach, removing stains while keeping colours – including those on their school badges –has been a breeze!”

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Sharon Ho Norton, Owner of Mothers En Vogue

Keeps clothes stain-free and new!

“As a vintage boutique owner, part of my job is to restore vintage clothes to their former glory. With Kao Colour Bleach, I am assured that the colours of my clothes are protected while the stains are removed.”

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Kelly Yeo, Owner of Déjà vu Vintage


Since my two girls are now all old enough to eat on their own, we let them eat on their own most of the time…And as much as we cover them up with napkins, they would either “accidentally” drop the napkins, or stain some of the uncovered parts. Heart pain, especially if they are wearing newly bought outfits! But this was until Mak started using Kao Colour Bleach Powder for our laundry.

What’s awesome about Kao Colour Bleach is how it not only removes stubborn stains, but also helps to brighten colour clothes and whiten white clothes. It leaves every wash with a really nice fresh floral fragrance. And it is really simple to remove the stains! So simple that even my two year old twins could do it themselves! For that Kao Colour Bleach gets 5 stars from me!

Diah, Popular Online Blogger of etrangle.net

My laundry woes got decidedly worse when I had kids because they didn’t seem to care much for my biweekly laundry plans. They spat up whenever they wanted and pooped, well, pretty much all the time. Fortunately for me, I found out that Kao Color Bleach was good for removing stains and brightening colors at the same time. I always thought bleach was too harsh for clothes and its use should be kept to a minimum but Kao Color Bleach is a non-chlorine oxygen bleach that’s heavy-duty enough to vanquish stubborn stains but gentle enough for daily use!


After treatment with Kao Colour Bleach:

Daphne, Popular Online Blogger of www.motherinc.org

My son’s pyjama pants were apparently too long for him and when we went out, the pants were dragged and stepped on all over the dirty and damp roadside!

……..So when we got home, I immediately soaked the pyjama pants into a pail of water containing Kao Colour Bleach, and when I lifted the pants up from the pail, I was like, WHOAAA … the dirt on the pants was all GONE, the colours are all nice and bright too! And, my bathroom smelled nice, ie. Didn’t smell like it’s been splashed with chlorine bleach!

I’m definitely happy too because although it has the word ‘bleach’ on the bottle, it does NOT work like the kind of bleach I used to know! Kao Colour Bleach does NOT damage coloured clothes! It is a chlorine-free, oxygen bleach that also protects colours while removing stains!

This is good news for me, because it means I can do a few ‘jobs’ in one go with Kao Colour Bleach, ie. Brighten my coloured clothes, whiten my white ones, kill germs, and remove stains and dirt!

Leonny, Popular Online Blogger of www.oureverydaythings.com

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